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关于 Flarum

Flarum 是一款非常简洁的开源论坛软件。 它响应快速、简便易用,拥有打造一片成功的社区所需的所有功能。 It's also extremely extensible, allowing for ultimate customizability.

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Flarum 的前身是 esoTalkFluxBB,她生来就被设计如此: 她生来就被设计如此:

  • 快速、简单。 不杂乱不臃肿,没有复杂的依赖关系。 Flarum 使用 PHP 构建,因此很容易被部署。 界面采用高性能且小巧的 JavaScript 框架 Mithril

  • 漂亮、响应式。 以人为本的论坛软件。 Flarum 被精心设计以在不同平台间保持一致性和直观性,开箱即用。

  • 强大、可扩展。 您可以客制化、扩展或集成 Flarum 以满足您的社区需求。 Flarum 基于 MIT 协议 发布。

  • 免费、开源。 Flarum 以 MIT 许可证 发布。

You can read more about our philosophy and values for Flarum here.

Help the Flarum Project

Flarum is free, open source software, maintained and governed by volunteers. We rely on community contributions to help us improve and expand Flarum.

🧑‍💻 If you're a developer, consider contributing to Flarum's core or bundled extensions. This is the most efficient way to help Flarum, and your work can have a lot of impact: there are thousands of Flarum sites out there, with millions of total end users.

🧩 If there's a feature you're missing, or a theme idea you have, writing a custom extension will make Flarum that much better for you and others.

本用户指南将帮助您使用 Flarum 搭建自己的论坛,并教授您管理社区的基础知识。

🌐 If you speak multiple languages, you could contribute translations to could help make Flarum accessible to countless users around the world.

💸 The Flarum Foundation doesn't make money off of Flarum, but does have bills to pay. Donations via GitHub Sponsors or OpenCollective are always gratefully received. In the past, we've also been able to support some of our core developers financially, so they could work on Flarum part time. This wouldn't be possible without your financial support.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Join our community to talk about Flarum development, get help with your instance, or just meet cool people! If you're experienced with Flarum, you can also help out beginners!

🐛 If there's a bug that's bothering you, or a feature idea on your mind, we can't know about it unless you tell us! We track bugs, suggestions, and future development plans via GitHub issues. If there's already an issue open, adding likes and (constructive) additional information can be very helpful!

📣 And if you like Flarum, please consider blogging/tweeting/talking about it! More people aware of Flarum leads to more people engaging with Flarum, and therefore more activity, better extensions, and faster development.

Flarum wouldn't be possible without our phenomenal community. If you're interested in contributing, see our developer contribution and other contribution docs for more information.