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Pannello di amministrazione

Il pannello di amministrazione di Flarum un'interfaccia user-friendly per la gestione del tuo forum. Per accedere al pannello di amministrazione, clicca sul tuo Nome nell'angolo in alto a destra dello schermo, e scegli Amministrazione.

The Admin Dashboard has the following sections, being:

  • Dashboard - Shows the main Admin Dashboard, containing statistics and other relevant information.
  • Basics - Shows the options to set basic forum details such as Name, Description, and Welcome Banner.
  • Email - Allows you to configure your E-Mail settings. Refer here for more information.
  • Permissions - Shows the permissions for each user group, and allows you to configure global and specific scopes.
  • Appearance - Allows you to customize the forum's colors, branding and add additional CSS for customization.
  • Users - Provides you with a paginated list of all the users in the forum, and grants you the ability to edit the user or take administrative actions.

Apart from the above mentioned sections, the Admin Dashboard also allows you to manage your Extensions (including the flarum core extensions such as Tags) under the Features section. Extensions which modify the forum theme, or allow you to use multiple languages are categorized under the Themes and Languages section respectively.