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Flarum allows extension developers to add custom console commands in addition to the default ones provided by flarum core.

All console command development is done in the backend using PHP. To create a custom console command, you'll need to create a class that extends \Flarum\Console\AbstractCommand.

use Flarum\Console\AbstractCommand;use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;use Psr\Http\Server\MiddlewareInterface;use Psr\Http\Server\RequestHandlerInterface;
class YourCommand extends AbstractCommand {  protected function configure()  {      $this          ->setName('YOUR COMMAND NAME')          ->setDescription('YOUR COMMAND DESCRIPTION');  }  protected function fire()  {    // Your logic here!  }}

You can use the CLI to automatically generate and register a console command:

$ flarum-cli make backend command

Registering Console Commands#

To register console commands, use the Flarum\Extend\Console extender in your extension's extend.php file:

use Flarum\Extend;use YourNamespace\Console\CustomCommand;
return [  // Other extenders  (new Extend\Console())->command(CustomCommand::class)  // Other extenders];

Scheduled Commands#

The Flarum\Extend\Console's schedule method allows extension developers to create scheduled commands that run on an interval:

use Flarum\Extend;use YourNamespace\Console\CustomCommand;use Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Event;
return [    // Other extenders    (new Extend\Console())->schedule('cache:clear', function (Event $event) {        $event->everyMinute();    }, ['Arg1', '--option1', '--option2']),    // Other extenders];

In the callback provided as the second argument, you can call methods on the $event object to schedule on a variety of frequencies (or apply other options, such as only running on one server). See the Laravel documentation for more information.