# When will Flarum be stable?

It’s impossible for us to say at the moment – there are too many variables! You can follow our progress on the Blog (opens new window).

# Will I be able to upgrade from beta to subsequent releases?

Yes! However, the upgrade process may require you to get your hands a little dirty. We’ll do our best to ensure it’s as easy as possible.

# Can I donate money to speed up development?

All donations are gratefully received. You can give on Github Sponsors (opens new window) or OpenCollective (opens new window).

However, donations will not directly impact the speed of development on Flarum. We also encourage users to contribute in other ways, such as contributing code, building extensions, writing documentation, translating Flarum into other languages, providing help and support on the community forums (opens new window)... and just being a general positive energy around the community!

# Can I use the beta version in production? Please?

There’s a reason the installation instructions begin by warning against this. Flarum is not mature yet, and there is plenty of room for something to go wrong. Extensions you’re relying on could be rendered incompatible by newer beta versions. Bugs could cause a loss of content or expose private information to the Internet at large. Suboptimal SEO could hurt your site’s ranking, making it hard to attract new members. Existing members could get fed up with performance issues or incomplete features and head for greener pastures. And so on …

You may decide to ignore these risks and install Flarum anyway. That’s up to you … but please be aware that if things go horribly wrong, it will be your responsibility to deal with them. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to help you fix your problems at all — much less in a timely fashion. So bear in mind that it’s your site that you’ll be putting on the line, and choose wisely.

# Can I integrate Flarum with WordPress/Laravel/etc.?

Wouldn’t it be inte-great! Right now it’s not possible, but we do hope to work on integrations such as these in the future.

# Will Flarum have [insert feature here]? When? Why not?

We would love to build countless features and extensions for Flarum, but first things first: Our focus is on the essentials and stability.

# Why haven’t you fixed [insert issue here] yet?

Here again, the answer is “first things first”. If we haven’t fixed an issue (or assigned it a milestone) yet, it’s because we’re working on something else that’s just as important. Please be patient; we’ll try to get it done before release. Or if you’re in a hurry, feel free to fix it yourself and contribute to the project!

# Will I be able to migrate my forum to Flarum?

Yes, but not for a while. Our focus right now is on getting Flarum stable and feature-complete. Once we’re confident that Flarum is ready to be used in production, we’ll start building tools to import data from other forum software like esoTalk, FluxBB, phpBB, Discourse, and others.

# How do I join the Flarum team?

"Through an arcane and arduous ordeal, involving mystic rituals, life threatening peril, and adventures to far off lands where many go and few return." ~ jordanjay29

The real answer is that we generally keep an eye on our community for stand-out members who would make good staff. Honestly, for most of our current staff, what they did before becoming staff wasn't much different from what they do now.

Find a passion and contribute however you feel is best. Then let it take its course. You don't have to have a badge to be respected here.