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Updating For Beta 15

Beta 15 features multiple new extenders, a total redesign of the admin dashboard, and several other interesting new features for extensions. As before, we have done our best to provide backwards compatibility layers, and we recommend switching away from deprecated systems as soon as possible to make your extensions more stable.


If you need help applying these changes or using new features, please start a discussion on the community forum or Discord chat.

New Features / Deprecations


  • Flarum\Api\Event\WillGetData and Flarum\Api\Event\WillSerializeData have been deprecated, the ApiController extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Api\Event\Serializing and Flarum\Event\GetApiRelationship have been deprecated, the ApiSerializer extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Formatter\Event\Parsing has been deprecated, the parse method of the Formatter extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Formatter\Event\Rendering has been deprecated, the render method of the Formatter extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Notification\Event\Sending has been deprecated, the driver method of the Notification extender should be used instead

    • Please note that the new notification driver system is not an exact analogue of the old Sending event, as it can only add new drivers, not change the functionality of the default notification bell alert driver. If your extension needs to modify how or to whom notifications are sent, you may need to replace Flarum\Notification\NotificationSyncer on the service provider level
  • Flarum\Event\ConfigureNotificationTypes has been deprecated, the type method of the Notification extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Event\ConfigurePostTypes has been deprecated, the type method of the Post extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Post\Event\CheckingForFlooding has been deprecated, as well as Flarum\Post\Floodgate. They have been replaced with a middleware-based throttling system that applies to ALL requests to /api/*, and can be configured via the ThrottleApi extender. Please see our api-throttling documentation for more information.

  • Flarum\Event\ConfigureUserPreferences has been deprecated, the registerPreference method of the User extender should be used instead

  • Flarum\Foundation\Event\Validating has been deprecated, the configure method of the Validator extender should be used instead

  • The Policy system has been reworked a bit to be more intuitive. Previously, policies contained both actual policies, which determine whether a user can perform some ability, and model visibility scopers, which allowed efficient restriction of queries to only items that users have access to. See the authorization documentation for more information on how to use the new systems. Now:

    • Flarum\Event\ScopeModelVisibility has been deprecated. New scopers can be registered via the ModelVisibility extender, and any Eloquent\Builder query can be scoped by calling the whereVisibleTo method on it, with the ability in question as an optional 2nd argument (defaults to view).
    • Flarum\Event\GetPermission has been deprecated. Policies can be registered via the Policy extender. Flarum\User\User::can has not changed. Please note that the new policies must return one of $this->allow(), $this->deny(), $this->forceAllow(), $this->forceDeny(), not a boolean.
  • A ModelUrl extender has been added, allowing new slug drivers to be registered. This accompanies Flarum's new slug driving system, which allows for extensions to define custom slugging strategies for sluggable models. The extender supports sluggable models outside of Flarum core. Please see our model slugging documentation for more information.

  • A Settings extender has been added, whose serializeToForum method makes it easy to serialize a setting to the forum.

  • A ServiceProvider extender has been added. This should be used with extreme caution for advanced use cases only, where there is no alternative. Please note that the service provider layer is not considered public API, and is liable to change at any time, without notice.

Admin UX Redesign

The admin dashboard has been completely redesigned, with a focus on providing navbar pages for each extension. The API for extensions to register settings, permissions, and custom pages has also been greatly simplified. You can also now update your extension's composer.json to provide links for funding, support, website, etc that will show up on your extension's admin page. Please see our Admin JS documentation for more information on how to use the new system.

Other New Features

  • On the backend, the route name is now available via $request->getAttribute('routeName') for controllers, and for middleware that run after Flarum\Http\Middleware\ResolveRoute.php.
  • Flarum\Api\Controller\UploadImageController.php can now be used as a base class for controllers that upload images (like for the logo and favicon).
  • Automatic browser scroll restoration can now be disabled for individual pages see our frontend page documentation for more info.

Breaking Changes

  • The following deprecated frontend BC layers were removed:
    • momentjs no longer works as an alias for dayjs
    • this.props and this.initProps no longer alias this.attrs and this.initAttrs for the Component base class
    • m.withAttr and no longer alias flarum/utils/withAttr and flarum/utils/Stream
    • app.cache.discussionList has been removed
    • this.content and this.editor have been removed from ComposerBody
    • this.component, this.content, and this.value have been removed from ComposerState
  • The following deprecated backend BC layers were removed:
    • The publicPath, storagePath, and vendorPath methods of Flarum\Foundation\Application have been removed
    • The base_path, public_path, and storage_path global helpers have been removed
    • The getEmailSubject method of Flarum\Notification\MailableInterface MUST now take a translator instance as an argument
    • Flarum\User\AssertPermissionTrait has been removed, the analogous methods on Flarum\User\User should be used instead
    • The Flarum\Event\PrepareUserGroups event has been removed, use the User extender instead
    • The Flarum\User\Event\GetDisplayName event has been removed, use the display name driver feature of the User extender instead