# Translating Flarum

# LanguagePack

As simplest extender, the LanguagePack extender (opens new window) allows you to define that your extension is a language pack.

This extender has no setters. All you have to do is instantiate it, make sure you language pack is in the locale folder, and you're done!

Here's a quick example from Flarum English (opens new window):


return new Flarum\Extend\LanguagePack;

Easy, right?

# Language Packs

However, the process is a bit different for language packs. With a language pack, the only thing you'll need to have in your extend.php is the following:


return new Flarum\Extend\LanguagePack;

The composer.json will also need to be updated. It now needs a flarum-locale info object in extra, like flarum-extension. You can simply insert the following underneath the value of flarum-extension while remaining inside extra:

"flarum-locale": {
  "code": "en",
  "title": "English"

And that's it! It should work out of the box.

Last Updated: 11/21/2018, 6:04:02 AM