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Mail Drivers

In addition to the default drivers in core, Flarum allows new mail drivers to be added through extenders. To create your own mail driver, you'll need to create a class implementing \Flarum\Mail\DriverInterface. Flarum actually takes care of the frontend for providing email settings: just declare which settings you need, and any default values, in availableSettings.

For example:

use Flarum\Mail\DriverInterface;use Illuminate\Contracts\Validation\Factory;use Illuminate\Mail\Transport\MailgunTransport;use Illuminate\Support\MessageBag;use Swift_Transport;
class MailgunDriver implements DriverInterface{    public function availableSettings(): array    {        return [            'setting_one' => '',            'setting_two' => 'defaultValue',            'dropdown_setting' => [                'option_one_val' => 'Option One Display',                'option_two_val' => 'Option Two Display',            ],        ];    }
    public function validate(SettingsRepositoryInterface $settings, Factory $validator): MessageBag    {        $validator->make($settings->all(), [            'setting_one' => 'required',            'setting_two' => 'nullable|integer',        ])->errors();    }
    public function canSend(): bool    {        return true;    }
    public function buildTransport(SettingsRepositoryInterface $settings): Swift_Transport    {        // Return a mail transport that implements Swift Transport    }}

To register mail drivers, use the Flarum\Extend\Mail extender in your extension's extend.php file:

use Flarum\Extend;use YourNamespace\Mail\CustomDriver;
return [  // Other extenders  (new Extend\Mail())->driver(CustomDriver::class)  // Other extenders];