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API Throttling

Flarum comes with a builtin Flarum\Api\Middleware\ThrottleApi middleware for throttling requests to the API. This runs on every API route, and extensions can add their own custom logic to throttle requests.

Forum Routes

Some forum routes (login, register, forgot password, etc) work by calling an API route under the surface. The ThrottleApi middleware does not currently run for these requests, but that is planned for the future.

Custom Throttlers

The format for a custom throttler is extremely simple: all you need is a closure or invokable class that takes the current request as an argument, and returns one of:

  • false: This explicitly bypasses throttling for this request, overriding all other throttlers
  • true: This marks the request as to be throttled.
  • null: This means that this throttler doesn't apply. Any other outputs will be ignored, with the same effect as null.

Throttlers will be run on EVERY request, and are responsible for figuring out whether or not they apply. For example, consider Flarum's post throttler:

use DateTime;
use Flarum\Post\Post;

function ($request) {
if (! in_array($request->getAttribute('routeName'), ['discussions.create', 'posts.create'])) {

$actor = $request->getAttribute('actor');

if ($actor->can('postWithoutThrottle')) {
return false;

if (Post::where('user_id', $actor->id)->where('created_at', '>=', new DateTime('-10 seconds'))->exists()) {
return true;

Throttlers can be added or removed via the ThrottleApi middleware in extend.php. For example:


use Flarum\Extend;

return [
// Other extenders
(new Extend\ThrottleApi())
->set('throttleAll', function () {
return false;
// Other extenders